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Watch This Video And You'll Learn...

Daily Practices, From The Latest Trauma Research, To Start Healing Any Trauma From Your Past

You do not need therapy to begin healing your past trauma. Start practicing these exercises and you'll start feeling relief immediately. Over time, you'll notice permanent change. When you are ready for outside support, you'll heal even faster. But if you are unable to afford it and need help right away, this will help you right now.

  • Take Control - The exercises you will learn in this webinar will help your brain to resolve any trauma. Feel better right away.

  • Relief Now - Watch the video, begin a daily routine and shortly you will notice changes happening. Relief is on it's way...

  • Affordable - The webinar will introduce a few of my best activities you can use right now. Towards the end of the webinar, I will show you a very inexpensive way to get all 13+ of the activities from the best trauma specialist in the world in one place.

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    Ed Ferrigan

    Since 1999, Ed Ferrigan has dedicated his life to helping people heal from developmental trauma. Ed has a special gift for accessing the root cause of the problem so the relationship with yourself is restored quickly.

    Working with Ed, you’ll gain permanent skills to repair any future challenges that come up. He will make it simple to understand so you can repair what happened and make more conscious choices in the future. ​

    Ed currently lives in Bend, OR and is fond of most outdoor activities including photography, fly-fishing, hiking and camping.

    You Can Trust Ed's Results

    236 Couples

    Over the past 25 years Ed has successfully worked with over 236 couples to heal developmental trauma that was causing divorce type stress in the relationship.

    1000+ Individuals

    Over the past 25 years, Ed has helped over 1200 individuals heal any trauma from that past interfering with their life goals, relationships, and careers.

    Done The Research

    Ed has been certified by several different organizations and done all the research to save you the anguish. These exercises were design by myself and dozens of other experts in the fields of neuroscience, attachment science, and developmental trauma.

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