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How to untangle the past. Trauma healing made easier.

"This eTraining will give you the essentials for how to process your emotions. When you learn to process your emotions in a healthy way, past trauma resolves itself. You'll stop projecting your past into the present. Your relationships and trajectory in life will vastly improve."

Ed Ferrigan

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What You Will Learn

Here is a brief overview of what you will learn in this series.

Practice 1

Learn what one breath statements are and how they can help you untangle the past faster than telling your story.

Practice 2

You'll learn about facing reality without flinching. When you can face reality as it is without resistance, your life gets much easier.

Practice 3

Learn to validate and speak your truth. This practice interrupts the default "victim" people naturally fall into without realizing it.

Practice 4

Using the magnification principle, helps you to embody your new belief system faster. A big secret to modifying brain neuropathways.

Practice 5

Learn to feel, track the sensations, and witness your experience puts you back in the drivers seat of your emotional life haunted by your past. 

Practice 6

Transform your life with the practice of "Do Overs." Your brain is starving to resolve itself from the past. This practice will speed you along.

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About The Author

For the past 25 years, Ed Ferrigan, M.A., CPCC, SEP has been supporting individuals, couples and teams to co-create more effectively. 

Ed is well known for helping people refocus their energy on what they want, change old habits, and when needed, identify and release stuck energy in the body related to previous trauma. When you shift the stuck energy, your belief systems change and life can vastly improve organically without years of therapy or coaching.

Ed Ferrigan, M.A. SEEP, CPCC

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