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Trauma Healing Made Easier Series

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    March 6, 2022: 5pm PST, 6 MST, 7 CST, 8 EST

    What You Will Learn

    Topics that will be covered in this webinar.

    If you are still experiencing the effects of trauma, you have more healing to do. My process is a combination derived from many sources (Hendricks, Dr. Dan Siegel, Peter Levine, Alan Shore, many others ) and most importantly from my own work. 

    I'm going to start the group off with fundamentals. With these fundamentals, you will grow a new nervous system. One that is resilient and able to process information and stay stuck.

    Finally, you are going to learn exercises that will repair any historical trauma permanently. You can use this information regardless if you are in therapy or not. All of this will be done in a completely sacred and safe space.

    About Ed

    A eclectic healer who sees the root issue within minutes… not months or years" Ed Ferrigan, for over 33 years has facilitated individuals, couples, teams, and groups to live an optimal life.

    Author of 100+ Ways To Get Back On The Horse, Ed’s passion and life purpose has been to help others heal from the devastating effects of developmental trauma. His experience isn't just from academia. He has been trained and certified by some of the best trauma researches in the world.

    Most importantly, Ed’s spent over 25 years doing his own daily deep work so he knows personally what it takes to untangle: toxic wound trauma, birth trauma, neglect, unskilled parenting, emotional abuse, severe ADD, dyslexia,, depression and low self-worth – all without medication.

    Ed says, “The only way I can make sense of what happened to me is to help others not have to experience the pain and suffering I experienced in the first 50 years of my life.”

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