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The 10-Second Trauma Soothing Guide That You Can Turn To For Relief

Ten Daily Practice That Uses The Intelligence Of Your Body To Naturally Heal...

This guide will allow you to take back control. It was designed by a master practitioner of the Somatic Experiencing Method of trauma release. Ed Ferrigan has worked with over 2000 people in the past 25 years to help them regain their freedom from the debilitating effects of trauma.

the 10-Second Self Soothing Guide

What To Expect...

healing developmental trauma clears your thinking so you mke better deecisions

Calms You Down So You Can Think Clearly.

haling your trauma retrains your nervous system

Retrains Nervous System For Permanent Relief.

Move stuck energy in your body for permanent relief from developmental trauma

Resolves Stuck Energy For Sustainable Relief.

Who Is Ed...

Ed is a teacher, and healer. His own journey of healing has been long and wide so you'll benefit from the wisdom gained from his experiences. For the past 25 years, Ed has taken the learnings from those experiences and made them available as short-cuts for others to heal in the fastest way possible, eliminating the need for trial and error. Ed can be described as both mystic and scientist, and brings to you the best research available in the areas of attachment theory, quantum physics, neuroscience, and trauma research, to make your healing journey easier.

What Others Say About Ed's Programs

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Are You Ready to Tap Into Your Body Intelligence and Unleash Your Joy?

With daily practice, it takes 60 days to change your trauma based habits. The secret is tapping into your body's innate wisdom. This guide will be your starting point. Download it today!

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