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You are our priority. We are here to serve you during this healing time.


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  • There is a lot you can do to get trauma relief if you cannot afford help or before you reach out for help.

    How You Will Benefit From Our Self Healing Programs...

    You will see a lot of program's today promoting how to have your best possible life. I have yet to see one of them address how underlying trauma affects your ability to sustain the practices they recommend. The effects of developmental trauma is not always easy to see. The proof is are you happy with your current results? financial well being? Are you in a career that you are passionate about? Are you motivated to take care of your body? Begin the journey, and set a free session with me below.

    • Learn to self regulate better to get permanent relief

    • How to repair ANYTHING from the past so you stop getting triggered

    • Feel at peace throughout the day so you don't have to "work" so hard at life

    About Ed

    Ed Ferrigan has been running his own practice since 1997. He has a Masters in psychology from Antioch University, is certified as a Co-Active Coach From The Coaches Training Institute, certified as a Family Constellation Facilitator, certified in The Hendricks Body Centered and Conscious Relationships Program, and has the highest designation in the Peter Levine's Somatic Experiencing Trauma Healing Process. Has worked with over a thousand happy clients in the past 24 years...

    What People Are Saying About Coaching With Ed

    Got Questions?

    Does this process mean I don't need a therapist?

    No. Most developmental issue were caused from a breach in relationship. The fastest and best way to resolve them is in a healthy relationship. A well informed trauma specialist, like myself, can seed the journey for you. 

    Where does this process fit in the bigger scheme of healing?

    There are a lot of practices that you can practice before you see a therapist. Some people cannot afford a therapist but need relief. The goal of the Trauma Healing Made Easier Program is to provide some tool for relief and to set the stage for faster healing when you can sit with a therapist.

    Will I re-traumatize myself practicing without supervision?

    There are no guarantees in life. What I can share, is if you use the principles daily, you will slow your nervous system down far enough to prevent re-traumatizing yourself. The key is to go slow and practice.

    Can this process help my intimate relationship?

    Yes. At the root of this program, are the steps to healing developmental trauma. When you heal attachment trauma, relationships can grow and thrive.

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